GLADIOLI BOUQUET, The Arts Centre. 13m tall vase of Gladi’s to mark the re-launch of Hamer Hall, fittingly unveiled by Barry Humphries. Design & Construction – Gracious Space / Hatchling Studio. Working with a very talented team, I painted, glued, assembled, lifted, loaded & lugged the oversized stems across Melbourne, culminating with the very long but gratifying installation and the ultimate reveal in the gardens of The Arts Centre.

KEEPER KIDS, Gracious Space for Melbourne Zoo. The Melbourne Zoo commissioned Gracious Space to create an interactive environment for their educational facility, Keeper Kids. Children are taught the importance of conservation and caring for wildlife in the learn-through-play environment.
Fabrication, Technical Advice & Construction Detailing – Gracious Space.
My production roles in this project included painting, detailing, cabinet finishing & detailing, transport, installation, rigging & styling.

Construction Detailing, Painting, Installation, Styling, Driving & Transport